Canon digital camera

The most popular brand when comes to camera will likely be Canon. It is well known for its imaging equipment for photography. As a manufacturer, they have many products including printers, copiers, camera lenses, camcorders and many more others.

One of the common but popular digital camera will be the PowerShot. It comes with at least a 5 mega pixel Canon digital camera with features of 12x optical zoom and 4x digital zoom. It comes with the Optical Image Stabilizer which actually help those who tend to shake while trying to shoot. It stablizes the image even when a person shakes during camera snapping. Each camera is equipped with the UD lens that produces beautiful color shades while zooming to capture the image.

With all digital camera available in the market, the recording feature is also incorporated. So you are not restrict with still images as you will be able to record movies with it. Every single frame of the video you take will be shown as a perfect still image when viewed. So you can practically enjoy the best of both worlds in photography for still images as well as recording videos with digital camera.

Only Canon digital camera comes with DIGIC II image processor to increase the processing speed as well as image quality when you are taking pictures. With this unique inclusion of DIGIC II, you can be assured that it will have a faster startup time, playback as well as best brilliance in image quality.

This digital camera comes with USB 2.0 support with high speed standard therefore you will be able to easily make your transfer to your computer without any issue. The camera itself comes with 1.8 inch LCD display where you can flip out giving you at least 115k pixel resolution. It allows you to take pictures at 30 frames per second in the daytime though during night shot, it will be reduced since it requires more lighting when the shot is taken.

There are better model like the PowerShot that comes with more features and higher mega pixel.

Like the PowerShot SD500 comes with 7.1 mega pixel which allows you to take fantastic images with 3x optical zoom to allow close up shooting. This is almost equivalent to taking photos with a 35mm film camera. The camera is designed uniquely to allow you to hold perfectly with your hands. It is a slim design and with the 2.0 inch LCD that allows you to view the playback. The camera allows you to shoot moving images up to 60 frames per second which is suitable for shooting in sports while 30 frames per second in still images. It comes with the scene modes where you can have portraits, foliage, beach, underwater to give the background a little special. It is equipped with functions that allows you to customize your shots like lightening skin tones, darker skin tones. You will definitely appreciate to own a digital camera.