Digital Camera termology

If you are interested in digital camera, it will be great to learn how to use your digital camera and what are the common terms used for it. Let us discuss what are the common termologies used for the digital camera.

Automatic Mode: This function is used as a setting where it allows to auto focus, exposure as well as the white-balance when shooting at the image.

Burst Mode (Continuous Capture Mode): This allows the camera to capture numerous amount of shots at quick intervals just by depressing on the shutter button.

Compression Mode: This will allow the camera to process the data, text or images for compression by deletion.

Digital Zoom Mode: This will enable the camera to magnify or crop while focussing on the centre of the image.

Jpeg Mode: This is the format be used for image compression to reduce the size in capacity.

Lag Time Mode: This is the time taken for capturing the image when the shutter button is being pressed.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display): The viewing screen on the digital camera.

Lens: This is the glass connected to the camera body and the function will be allowing light to enter the camera sensor to capture it.

Megabyte (MB): The amount of memory where the images can use to store as file. The capacity of 1024 kilobytes per MB.

Pixels: Defines as the number of color in digital resolution.

RGB: Defines as Red, Green and Blue colors being used in combination to output all other colors.

Resolution: The images output in multi-colors in pixels. The higher the resolution, the more realistic the images will appear.

Storage Device: It is normal SD Card or micro SD card where the images are being stored. It has greater capacity of storing images as compared with film camera.

View finder: It is the small window that allows you to look through the camera while capturing the image.

White Balance: This allows your camera to adjust the lighting effect as the compensate the different lighting (like daylight, fluorescent, incandescent) to display normal when looking at the image.